Sponsorship Opportunities for The East High Alumni Page

Free Access The East High Alumni Page is accessible free on the World Wide Web and listing of profiles by graduates, former students, faculty and staff is free. We plan to keep it that way.

It does require some financial resources to make it available. For that reason, and also because we like the idea of alumni doing business with other alumni, these pages invite sponsorships. Especially, obviously, sponsorships by East alumni whose businesses might benefit from the contribution they can make here.

Sponsorship Packages The East High Alumni Page offers two sponsorship packages. In both cases, it is our intent to provide viewers of our pages a non obtrusive and dignified means of identifying the sponsor(s) of the page.

Sponsorship Announcement Package: This is a simple banner at the top (top location available on most pages but not all) of the page announcing the name(s) of the sponsors of the page. Sponsorship is non-exclusive so that other alumni may have the opportunity to participate also. Should there be more than one sponsor for a page, listing order will be by longest sponsoring entity first. Many of the pages are available for separate sponsorship so that a class member could focus on his/her classmates directly by sponsoring that particular page. This package is currently offered for a $5 a month rate. Click here to see a sample of a page on The East High Alumni Page with the Sponsorship Announcement Package.

Sponsorship Promotional Package: This sponsorship package offers the same announcement as the Sponsorship Announcement Package outlined above. However, in addition, this makes the banner or if more than one sponsor, each sponsor's name, a hypertext link to a separate, single screen sized (640 x 480) Web page maintained by Welch & Associates. This is a simple Web page falling generaly within the offering of Welch & Associates' Web Presence Package, except this offer restricts the size of the offering to a single 640 x 480 display size. The sponsor's name, address, and phone number, and simple text promotional or advertising, as supplied, will be placed on this page without further cost. A graphical logo or other image will be placed here also without further cost if it is supplied in an appropriate digital format and requires no adjustment other than placement on the page. Additional page design by Welch & Associates will incur additional costs. You may design the page yourself or have it designed by other parties. However, you will not have direct access to upload the page via FTP or other means, rather the page would have to be submitted by other means to Welch & Associates for installation on the Web Server. All text and graphical designs are subject to approval by Welch & Associates and, of course, must not be or promote anything illegal.
This package is currently offered for $10 a month rate. Click here to see a sample of a page on The East High Alumni Page with the Sponsorship Promotional Package.

Additional Opportunities If you would like more Web page space for your message than is provided in the Sponsorship Promotional Package outlined above, Welch & Associates offers other World Wide Web page hosting services. We will be happy to discuss those options with you.

Become a sponsor. Contact us! To become a sponsor of The East High Alumni Page or for more information, you may contact us in one of the following ways.

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